13 things to do when you are feeling low

Things to do when you are feeling low

things to do when you are feeling low

Life has been busy lately. Everyone’s running a busy schedule. With all the hassles, we often tend to forget ourselves and that often leads to stress and sadness.

Every now and then, I get bored with myself and with no particular reason, feel low at times.

For a moment there, I do not feel like doing anything but become so restless. But no, I just don’t sit there idle and let myself drown into desolation. I try doing different things to get out of that gloomy mood.

And today, I want to share with you, those stuffs I do because blue isn’t the nice color when it comes to your mood.

1. Pamper yourself

Sometimes, when I am too upset to do anything else, I pamper myself. Never forget to love yourself and take care of yourself. You can get yourself your favorite dresses and foods. Indulge yourself in making yourself happy. Never forget that you come first before anyone else. Taking care of yourself and looking after yourself doesn’t make you selfish.

 2. Read

Reading is my favorite thing to do. I could read all day everyday but it is not possible. But whenever I feel low and stressed out, I put all my concentration into the book. This way you can forget the reality and get lost into the world of books. And it really helps.

3. Crafts and Colors

Involving yourself in arts and crafts, when you are down, is always recharging. When I don’t feel like doing anything and could not concentrate even on reading, I choose to get busy with arts and crafts. I look into DIY stuffs on the Internet and try those things myself. Doodle art is the best. Even if you are not good with arts, just play around with colors. Let your creativity wash away your bad feeling.

4. Listen to your favorite songs

Music always elevates your mood. It calms you down. Another thing I do when having a bad mood. Put on the earphones, play my favorite playlist, turn up the volume and ignore the rest. You can do the same when you are feeling low. Create a playlist of your favorite songs and listen to it. You will feel better.

5. Youtube (funny videos and such)

If you have an access to Internet, then happiness is just few clicks away. Go to www.youtube.com and search for funny videos. Watch them and laugh away your sadness and anxiety. Not only the funny videos, there are other interesting videos, which you may watch. I, mostly watch ‘Interesting facts about something’ types videos.

6. Write

Well, not everyone likes writing. If you don’t like writing or never written before, least you could do is try writing. I am fond of writing and blogging; so I often write. Sometimes I put whatever I am feeling into words and sometimes I write which needs some thinking and concentration. You can try both ways.

7. Bored Panda

Internet is flooded with viral sites with interesting and attractive posts. Like I said above, if you have an access to Internet, then happiness is just few clicks away. Bored Panda is one of the fascinating sites I visit time and again. I don’t necessarily visit viral sites, except for the times I follow the links through Facebook posts. But hey, Bored Panda is great.

8. Gardening

Not feeling good?? Spend some time with plants, soil and water. You don’t need a big field or garden. Potted plants are just as fine. I love my potted plants and care them the most when I am not feeling fine. *straight face* Having the indoor plants helps you have positive feelings.

9. Tea/Coffee

Hot drinks are always good. What do you prefer? Tea or Coffee? I am a hardcore coffee lover. I don’t need any reason to get myself another cup of coffee but feeling low is quite good one. Whenever you feeling that way have hot drinks, doesn’t have to be tea or coffee, any hot drinks will do.

10. Call a friend

I am not a good talker and really bad one on phone. But somehow I communicate with my friends whenever I am feeling bad and going through terrible times. Just don’t wait for your friends to call you. Call them and share your feelings. It is simple as that. Even if they are busy and don’t have time for long talks, a quick chat is enough during hard times. After all that’s what friends are for.

11. Take a nap

You are feeling blue and you tried doing all of the above-mentioned activities. And yet, here you are, having the same mood. Take a nap. Sleep helps. Your tired brain gets to rest for a while. That is what I do if I cannot concentrate on anything I do. And you can do the same. Sleep is the best remedy to sadness, at least for me.

12. Go for stroll

Too restless to sleep? Get outside! Go for a stroll! Wander for sometime. Get some fresh air. Look around yourself. Walk around your neighbourhood. It will refresh your mood. I do it sometimes. It feels great.

13. Forgive and forget

Holding on to the past and holding grudges can be the reasons for our sadness and tensed state of mind. Make ‘forgive and forget’ your motto and open the door of happiness. Always easier said than done but keep trying. Sometimes letting go is the right choice. Don’t give any space to negativity in your life. Stay bright and be happy.

I really hope that things I said above will help you kick your sadness and stress away.

Here is a quick chart of above-mentioned stuffs to do when feeling low:

things to do when you are feeling low



  1. Like i am

    Fantastic read. I am an introvert and most of the time i am surrounded by these stuffs. I like the way i am and i have learned to cope up with ups and downs of my life.

    • ShaShi

      Yes, Ciarama, I do! Not all things at once but yeah! Whenever I feel low or stressed and loose focus, I make myself busy with book or music or anything which I have mentioned above.

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