5 Clever Tricks to Avoid Jewelry Lifestyle Photography Mistakes

Jewelry photography is always fun, even it’s difficult, but still doing so as the jewelry is reflective and can’t change position as human models, so it’s always challenging to capture it. Similarly, it is challenging to shoot with good lighting but don’t flood it with artificial lighting. Various details need to be preserved in jewelry shooting, especially after jewelry photo retouching.

So, there are some clever tricks that are required for avoiding the jewelry lifestyle photography mistakes that are as follows:

Trick #1: Multifaceted Background

It’s mostly suggested to have clear plain white or any neutral background for the jewelry products in the marketplaces. Because the colored backgrounds also give distracting reflection.  Such as clicking the diamond bangle bracelets with the black background will provide a pleasant look compare to the white background. So, it’s always good to have a perfectly suitable background. While having the photography of their products, many retailers feel that understandable experiences are still dull, but adding the distracting elements can focus on the products. Besides all, having the perfect background creates a simple lightbox or enhances the product’s details more beautifully. So, always consider the backgrounds while capturing.

Jewelry Lifestyle Photography

Trick #2: Unnecessary Props

Sometimes adding the appropriate mannequins and props in the shoots gives a stylish look to the jewelry. But at times, it’s essential to remove the distracting backgrounds when shooting jewelry for product pages. Besides removing the subject’s concentration, it also makes the jewelry photographs modifying more complicated later on. It is pointless to be intricate with adornment shoots since you should flaunt the mind-boggling subtleties of each piece. It is consistently vital to utilize background removal tools and different jewelry photographs correcting to show every item similarly, however sans the interruptions. You more likely have heard about the ghost mannequin photography perfect for jewelry shoots.

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Trick #3: Product Smudges

The jewelry shooting must be neat, clean, and polished. While capturing, the DSLR camera gets every minor detail, including a not too noticeable smudge. And these details come upfront when the final photo is showed up later on. So, either change the position, use white cotton gloves when handling and wipe it off for extra measure. It will help you save a lot of time doing a reshoot of the products.

Trick #4: Poor Focus

Low aperture shots may look aesthetic, yet utilizing them for product photography is unseemly. Having the full center’s jewelry makes a keener looking picture that clients will like. Seeing all the details in the top center will give affirmation and help you acquire the client’s trust. So, placing and lens fixations are essential for the particular shots.

Jewelry Lifestyle Photography

Trick #5: Bad Photoshop

It is justifiable that Photoshop is utilized during jewelry photograph corrections and retouching and corrections. It is the last possibility of the photographic artist to make the pictures hang out in item pages. During the jewelry photo retouching, it is critical to observe that the pieces are upgraded, however, not to the point of making it look fake. The beauty in capturing the jewelry is in its details. So it shouldn’t look excessively smooth or excessively glossy. It will look more excellent in the event that you can introduce all the subtleties while protecting the first type of stones.

Regarding jewelry photograph modifying, counteraction is in every case in a way that is better than searching for a cure. Maintain a strategic distance from these errors however much as could reasonably be expected. You will invest more energy in improving the photographs instead of revising the slip-ups.

Wrapping Up!

The above-mentioned are some of the jewelry lifestyle photography mistakes that need to be avoided to show up better jewelry photographs. By avoiding these mistakes, one can quickly analyze their photography improvement. It will also help you to become a good jewelry product photographer. Try to avoid such errors and become a professional because your minor add-ups can do miracles in the photography shots.

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  1. Sounds good. Liked the first trick that you’ve said in “Multifaceted Background”. For jewelry photography, I always prefer white background, grey, patterns, gradients & textures background. But I think white is undoubtedly the most used background in jewelry photography. Because white background images eliminate any distractions and seek the attention of the audience.

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