Amazing Gift Ideas for Bookworms

Bookworms are happy in their imaginary world with their books, munching on their favorite snacks and drinks. Whether it’s any traditional holiday or birthday, finding gifts for bookworms is a lot easier than for others. 

Of course, one of the ways to find a perfect gift for any bookworm is to get the book/s from their wishlist. But there are far more exciting gifts for your bibliophile that they will love and adore. 

Here are some creative book-themed gifts for bookworms in your life:

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Magnetic Bookmarks

magnetic bookmarks

These bookworms can never have enough bookmarks in their life. These magnetic bookmarks don’t fall off the book easily that makes it hard to lose. They will surely love these awesome bookmarks. 

Agate Bookends

Agate bookends

This organizational tool could be just what they need. With all its glam, Agate is well known for enhancing spirituality, meditation capabilities, and serenity. These Agate Bookends create a composed and relaxing atmosphere with its subtle color and vibrant crystal pattern.

Enamel Pin

enamel pin

Let your bookworms express themselves by wearing these pins. There are no bookworms that won’t love this little bookworm enamel pin

Personal Library Kit

personal library kit

One of the biggest fears bookworms have is not getting their book back after they lend it to their friends. This classic personal library kit saves your beloved book worm from that trouble. 

Book Lamp

gift ideas for bookworm

This one is a bright gift (literally) you can give to the bookworms. This book lamp comes with remote control and can change up to 12 colors. And the best thing is that when you are not using it, you can fold it up like a real book. 

Just One More Chapter Throw Pillowcase

just one more chapter

You might’ve heard ‘Just one more chapter’ one too many times if you have a bookworm in your life. Why not gift them their favorite excuse? They will love this pillowcase.  

Book Page Holder

book page holder

Your bookworm friend will thank you for this book page holder because they can read holding a book with just one hand. 

Wine Tumbler

wine tumbler

If you are looking for some useful gifts for an introverted bookworm, then your search ends here. This pretty wine tumbler allows them to hold their favorite wine or any drink while at the same time give out their message to the world. 

Enamel Mug

bookmarks are for quitter

You will delight a book lover with this amazing enamel mug. It’s the perfect gift for someone who loves to cuddle up with a book and finish it in one go. This mug is a great gift for book lovers. 

Jane Austen Soy Wax Candle

library scented candle

Library scented candle is a perfect gift that you can get for your bookworm. This candle has an exquisite fragrance with a quote from Jane Austen. 

Book Tissue Dispenser

book tissue dispener

This tissue holder designed as antique books will light up any book lover. When they are silently crying while reading a tragic story, this will come handy.  

Novel Teas

gift ideas for bookworms

If your bookworm is a tea lover, then nothing can be better than this Novel Teas. It contains 25 individually tagged teabags with great literary quotes.  

Book Earrings

book earrings

These handmade book earrings are the miniature version of real hardback books. If your girlfriend, wife, mother, friend, or sister is a book lover, then this is the best you can get for their birthdays.

Kindle Paperwhite

kindle paperwhite

This new Kindle Paperwhite is waterproof, so your bookworm can take it to a beach or pooler bath and read while relaxing. Also, this allows them to have more books.

Glow in the Dark Bookmark

gift ideas for bookworms

Your bookworm will not lose this bookmark, even in the dark. These beautiful glow-in-the-dark bookmarks are decorative and perfect for the readers. 

Professional Bookworm – Canvas Tote Bag

This is a very thoughtful one. This Professional Bookworm tote bag is simple but stylish and perfect for a bookworm to carry their beloved books and accessories. 

Fuck Off, I’m Reading Crew Socks

Let the bookworm get cozy with these cool socks that have a strong message for anyone who tries to disturb their blissful time with their books. 

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