FREE Bookmark Printables for Bookworms

Bookmarks are must-have accessories for any bibliophile or bookworm. We, book lovers, die a little inside every time we see a book being dog-eared. For us, anyone who doesn’t use a bookmark is some kind of monster.

We can actually use anything as a bookmark. Really. A candy wrapper, a receipt, tissue paper, money, utility bill, or an actual bookmark.

I don’t know about you but I like collecting bookmarks. Moreover, I like making them myself. DIY bookmarks are the best as you can make it the way you want it.

For a change, I am now moving onto printed bookmarks from hand-painted and hand-drawn and origami ones.

I thought it would be nice to share some of my bookmark design with you all. Yes, I am giving away 5 of my bookmark designs as freebies for this month.

If you like them, you can download free printable bookmark pdf by clicking the download button.

Here they are:

Oh, I am adventurous. I travel to far off lands with heroic companions from the comfort of my couch. – Nanea Hoffman

free printable bookmarks free printable bookmark

I’d rather be reading.

free printable bookmarks free printable bookmarks

With a dreamy far off look and her nose stuck in a book

free printable bookmarksfree printable bookmarks

Good Vibes Only

free printable bookmarks free printable bookmarks

Let’s get lost in the world of rain, coffee, and books.

free printable bookmarks free printable bookmarks


Print them out, stick them together and maybe laminate them so that they last for longer period.

Pin it for later. ↓

free printable bookmarks

If you like them, would you care to share them with your friends and family?

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Have a happy time!


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